12 September 2019
Category: Newsletters
12 September 2019,

Summer may be fading
…but things are hot in here

It’s that time of the year again.

Days are a little shorter, the weather is still ’warmish’, memories of Summer vacations linger in the back of our mind and we try re-live them over and over because ‘Winter is Coming’.

Now we haven’t got a John Snow to keep Winter at bay, but we do have amazing people on our team to keep your days warm and sunny.

This is because at Field Africa we have ‘endless Summers of awesomeness™‘.

All you need to do to get some of this Endless Summer Magic is to simply reach out to us and put your field work in our hands.

Our energy, enthusiasm and plain old Sunny African Dispositions will brighten your day for sure.

When you have a quote to do and you’re feeling a bit of the seasonal chill, your coffee cup is empty and your energy levels low, who do you call? No, not Ghostbusters! Ghosts are cold, and the Ghostbusters can’t bring the warmth.

You call Field Africa, that’s who!

Do you really want to face winter all alone? No, of course not! What you want to do is work with us and we will make sure that the African sun shines on you even as Autumn turns into Winter.

Market research shows that if you work with Field Africa (sources not provided, just trust us)

  • Your daylight is extended by at least 3 hours a day
  • Temperatures spike at least 5 degrees
  • All food you eat is actually calorie and fat free – yes, even the cake!
  • Your life is just all the better for it
  • Unicorns may just appear in your life as well (if seen you cannot tell as it makes them disappear…true story)

With offices in 9 African countries and a footprint in 22 countries, it only means that we have more sunshine to give than any other Field Work Agency in Africa… pretty sure of that ‘fact’.

For any enquiries email us on info@fieldafrica.com or visit out website at https://fieldafrica.com or if you are inclined to spend money, pick up the phone and call us!

We look forward to sharing our ‘sunny’ with you!